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Greg Houston Plumbing is unique in the market place as Sydney Waters only completely “in house” accredited provider with the ability to offer the complete solution under one roof when interacting within Sydney Waters building and developing processes.


Sydney Water has moved many services to the private sector over the years & Greg Houston Plumbing has been at the forefront of these developments.


This means, for every step of the way, Greg Houston Plumbing has been involved from the days of the quality checkers through to more recent movements including main to meter drillings & compliance inspections.


In fact, Greg Houston was the first tradesman licensed as a Sydney Water Quality Checker.


From carrying out a basic payment of fees or application through Quickcheck, to moving throughout the process within our experienced team for your Section 73 application or Non-Basic Building Plan Approval, to sourcing quotations for the works your development may require including Water & Sewer Design, Project Management, Main to Meter, Concrete Encasement, Sewer & Water Construction, Service Protection Reports & Inspections amongst others.


And if you need some actual plumbing done, we can do that also.


For more information on Plumbing, Building & Developing please visit Sydney Waters website


If you are a First Time Builder, Sydney Water has designed information specifically for you




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