Sydney Water Section 73 Application and Q&A's


This manual provides information on obtaining the Section 73 Certificate

Preparing for the Section 73 Certificate

Just one of the many services Greg Houston Plumbing offer our clients is a full and comprehensive review of all information and documents prior to actually lodging your application for a Sydney Water Section 73 certificate.


There are several important steps as well as documents and information that must be submitted with the application.


Greg Houston Plumbing will assist you in ensuring that your application is complete and contains all the necessary additional documentation to allow Sydney Water to assess your development.


We recognise that Developers have a very broad scope of responsibility, that's why we provide our professional knowledge and experience to lead you through the policies and procedures that all developers are required to follow when applying for a Section 73 Certificate.


Part of our job also entails answering all your queries about the Sydney Water’s Asset Creation (Developer) Process. We will give you, in plain and easy to understand language and assist you in understanding Sydney Water’s policies that you will have to follow in your development.


Since these policies are different based on your area, the type of development you are considering, and various other factors this information is invaluable to help you plan for the application process and will put you ahead of the game.

Pre-Lodgment of Section 73 Application

As your Water Servicing Coordinator, Greg Houston Plumbing Pty Ltd is able to assist you in all areas of the application process.

For us to assist you best in preparing the Application, we will require the following information.


  1. Development Consent (DA) - If you have not already done so you will need to provide us with your Development Consent (DA) from your Consent Authority (Local Council or Local Government Area (LGA)).

  2. All of the DA approved Architectural Plans (Including Basement/Subdivision/Elevations) however they have to be in either AutoCAD .dwg format or in PDF format with clearly defined lots and be in a scale of 1:500 or 1:1000.

  3. Pre-allocated Plan Number (PPN) – This is only required if your Development Consent (DA) especially states Subdivision.  The pre-allocated plan number or PPN is to be obtained by your Surveyor.


Once we have verified all the information, and have ensured that all necessary documentation is are available, we can then begin our investigation.


Note: Only Water Servicing Coordinators can complete these types of applications, the developer is not able to complete or submit them on their own.

Sydney Water Notice of Requirements NOR

What is the Notice Requirements of NOR?


The NOR or Notice of Requirements outlines what Sydney Water requires of you, the developer before they will issue the Section 73 certificate. This is only issued to Non-Complying Applications


As your Water Servicing Coordinator, Greg Houston Plumbing will receive this notice and convey the information to you about the requirements.


Typically this will occur within approx. 3-4 weeks after the application and will be provided to you, from us, within 5 business days of the receipt of the NOR.


The requirements vary based on the type of project but can include:


1. A point of connection to the wastewater system for minor worksPoints of connection for wastewater, water and stormwater for major works Install or adjust a water main and connection


2. Obtaining building plan approval Paying of specific fees such as recycled water system developer charges in particular areas NOR remain valid for a period of 12 months for the issue date.


3. As your Water Servicing Coordinator, Greg Houston Plumbing will be able to remind you when the NOR will expire and to enable you to proceed with the Notice before termination.

Complying Section 73 Applications & Sydney Water Design and Management

Minor Works
In general Minor Works are designated by Sydney Water to include the construction of new wastewater (Sewer) pipes that are not longer than twenty five metres in length.
When carrying out a Minor Works project, Greg Houston Plumbing will coordinate be able to provide you with the forms required for entry to other properties (Permission to Enter), submit a completed Developer Agreement (Signed by the Developer) to Sydney Water and ensure that all documentation is provided to the construction contractor of the developers choice, including a design servicing solution that meets all requirements of Sydney Water.
We will all also submit a Project Completion Package to Sydney Water within 28 days of the end of the project.

Major Works
A Major Works project includes the construction of LARGER New Water, Wastewater (Sewer) and/or stormwater pipes and reticulation infrastructure.
These types of projects require are far more critical and complex formal design facilitation and Project management process.

Anticipated Section 73 Requirements Applications

Once we have verified all the information, and have ensured that all necessary documentation is are available, we can then begin our investigation. Apply for the Section 73 certification using the Sydney Waters-Developer online system.

Certificate until they have received the Development Consent. After Sydney Water receives the consent, they will check to see that your development hasn’t changed from your original application. If it has changed, you will need to re-apply.

Sydney Water Section 73 Applications

After we have recieved and verified all the documents provided, one of our qualified, Water Service Coordinators will evaluate your application and may determine that Sydney Water considers your

application as a “low-risk” application.


If your development is deemed as ‘low-risk’, you may be able to submit your application as a Complying Application.


This reduces the time taken to receive a Section 73 Certificate by using Sydney Water’s Complying Application Process.


Applications able to be lodged as ‘complying’ include developments where you:


  • have already met our servicing requirements

  • only need to build minor works

  • only need your building plans approved

  • only need to complete other ‘low-risk’ requirements.


As your Sydney Water Accredited Water Servicing Coordinator, Greg Houston Plumbing Pty Ltd will assess your development against Sydney Waters criteria and determine if there are any Sydney Water requirements. We will also help you complete these requirements and submit the application.


Sydney Water will issue the Section 73 Certificate within five business days of receiving Complying Application. (It may take longer than five days if your application is incomplete or incorrect).

Feasibility Section 73 Application

Sometimes you may be planning a development, but need to see if it is a practical idea, that is, to see if it is a Feasible Development. You can ask Sydney Water to send you advice about the charges and conditions that they will set for your proposed development. You can ask for this information by applying for a Feasibility application.
Greg Houston Plumbing Pty Ltd as your Sydney Water Accredited Water Service Coordinator can submit this application for you and application charges will apply. We will receive a Feasibility Advice letter and return it to you. If you decide to proceed with the development after you receive our Feasibility letter, you must apply in the normal way and pay the fee and go through all the steps to get a Section 73 Certificate.
Note: If you are planning a large-scale land rezoning, new development or redevelopment you can call Sydney Water for advice on 13 20 92. Ask for the Urban Growth - Growth Strategy team.

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